Scooters and Brain Damage

I’ve recently become interested in brain injuries. Not in a gross way, I know brain injuries can be really severe and tragic to the people who experience them. But more appropriately, I’m interested in how such a small part of the human can have such drastic effects on the lives of people who’ve had their brains damaged.

If you think about it, it is pretty crazy that an organ of the body controls everything in your life. Something no bigger than a soccer ball contains every emotion and memory that you have ever felt or ever will feel. And yet, it is so vulnerable and open to damage in the case of an accident or injury. I looked up some situations that may cause brain damage and according to the website for The Law Offices of Jeffrey R. Caffee, accidents on construction sites, pedestrian accidents, and vehicle/bike accidents are some of the most prevalent causes of brain damage.

I can’t believe I’ve never considered how dangerous a construction site must be for brains. If you don’t wear a hard hat or protective gear as you are supposed to do, the most important organ is in serious danger! Now I understand why there are so many signs and warnings for construction workers or contractors to take the precautions seriously and protect their head!

Similarly, before my research, I never really considered how pedestrians are really most at risk for brain damage in the case of accidents. I always just imagined that whiplash or other dangerous side effects from a car accident would cause brain damage the most easily. However, pedestrians don’t have the benefit of a seat belt or the exterior of a car to protect them if they are involved in a collision.

While I know that emotions, memories, and so much more are contained within the brain, I dug a little deeper into the website for The Law Offices of Jeffrey R. Caffee to see what some of the other side effects are for brain damage-associated injuries. Sadly, brain damage can manifest itself in both physical and mental side effects or symptoms.

Physical effects include loss of appetite, blurred vision, and convulsions. For mental effects, depression, disorientation, and much more can be caused by trauma to the brain. This is so sad. It seems like the quality of life for people who are involved in brain damage-causing situations is really impacted. Because the brain is so important, the effects of slight trauma are magnified.

I looked into ways that I could protect myself from brain damage and they mostly include common sense safety tips like always riding a bike with a helmet, staying away or limiting exposure to contact-heavy sports such as football, and driving safely — for you and the others on the road!

It seems obvious, but please stay safe! No appointment or obligation is worth potentially injuring you or someone else’s brain and forcing side effects as severe as I outlined. Much thanks to The Law Offices of Jeffrey R. Caffee for their excellent research into this tragic but interesting topic.

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