The Importance of Court Reporting Services

Litigation is not really about the trial, whether criminal or civil. The court trial itself is a culmination of weeks and maybe months of preparation that will provide the support for the claims of the plaintiff or allegations of prosecutor and the defendant/s. This is where the importance of court reporting services comes in.

Part and parcel of the investigatory aspect of any litigation is that of case law and witness accounts. Case law or precedent is the rule or principle established by the courts in past trials in common law legal systems that has not been successfully challenged or debunked. Such rulings are documented by court reporters as transcripts of court room proceedings and made available to lawyers to use as the basis for their arguments or motions.

Depositions, on the other hand, are verbatim transcripts of statements, interviews, and declarations by relevant persons pertaining to a particular case taken outside of the courtroom and presented during the discovery phase of a trial. These depositions are officially recorded by a court reporter without the supervision of the judge and used as evidence in the trial itself.

Because of the importance of their functions, court reporters have to be extensively trained to do their job properly and maintain certain skills, such as a typing speed of 225 words per minute. They also have to be licensed by the state, and in some states also have to be notaries public to be certified by the courts.

The transcripts provided by court reporting services are important documents that are used in any kind of legal proceeding, ranging from issues of crimes to personal injury to child support. It does not matter if the purpose of the trial is to determine guilt or to decide on what is in the best interest of a child of divorce. Court reporting provides the bricks and mortar with which a competent lawyer can build a case that will stand up in court.

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