Gender Discrimination Is Still Very Real

We probably see it every day, we just don’t know we’re seeing it. Women, even in 2018, are held at a disadvantage in their job, in almost any job, regardless of the industry or their experience.

We often miss this because there are always exceptions. It isn’t hard to think of one or two successful women in most industries, but the numbers across the board show that this doesn’t hold up the closer we look at how the average woman in the average job does.

In fact, women are still making less than men in the same position, with the same qualifications and the same amount of experience. That’s true to the tune of 79 cents on every dollar a man makes. In other words, if two otherwise identical people had the exact same job with the exact same resume, one would make 20 percent less simply because of their gender.

It’s easy to feel outrage at this, but it’s harder to know exactly what to do about it. It’s worth noting that there has been progress in this area, but it clearly hasn’t been enough. We can encourage everyone from an early age to treat men and women the same in professional as well as private situations. We can pass laws that require businesses to pay men and women the same. And still, we end up with the same issue that we have today. 79 cents to every dollar.

Imagine the disadvantage that puts a woman at in life. It’s harder to move up and establish financial stability. It’s harder to purchase that first house and to get on the property ladder. It’s far harder to raise kids.

All of that, and it doesn’t even consider other serious issues in gender discrimination. Women are also less likely to get promotions. They’re less likely to have their ideas heard, acknowledged, used, and rewarded. It’s a race that is supposed to be fair, but half of the participants have to hop towards the finish line on one leg while the others run unencumbered.

Again, though, what can we do?

One major thing we can do is to encourage more women to come forward and pursue gender discrimination lawsuits. According to The Melton Law Firm, a woman can pursue a gender discrimination lawsuit based on evidence that gender played a part in the company’s practices for hiring, firing, and promoting employees. They can also file a claim with evidence that raises were given out with a bias towards gender or when suspensions and performance reviews were negatively influenced by gender.

That’s just the beginning though, The Melton Law Firm also points to other serious gender discrimination issues, such as:

  • Sexual harassment
  • Hostile work environment
  • Overtime

Essentially, if gender is playing any part in your workplace, it is against the law. That’s the case in far too many workplaces, yet women often feel pressured not to pursue a claim. If we could change that, we might see more positive change and a further reduction of that pay gap.

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