Scooters and Brain Damage

I’ve recently become interested in brain injuries. Not in a gross way, I know brain injuries can be really severe and tragic to the people who experience them. But more appropriately, I’m interested in how such a small part of the human can have such drastic effects on the lives of people who’ve had their brains damaged.

If you think about it, it is pretty crazy that an organ of the body controls everything in your life. Something no bigger than a soccer ball contains every emotion and memory that you have ever felt or ever will feel. And yet, it is so vulnerable and open to damage in the case of an accident or injury. I looked up some situations that may cause brain damage and according to the website for The Law Offices of Jeffrey R. Caffee, accidents on construction sites, pedestrian accidents, and vehicle/bike accidents are some of the most prevalent causes of brain damage.

I can’t believe I’ve never considered how dangerous a construction site must be for brains. If you don’t wear a hard hat or protective gear as you are supposed to do, the most important organ is in serious danger! Now I understand why there are so many signs and warnings for construction workers or contractors to take the precautions seriously and protect their head!

Similarly, before my research, I never really considered how pedestrians are really most at risk for brain damage in the case of accidents. I always just imagined that whiplash or other dangerous side effects from a car accident would cause brain damage the most easily. However, pedestrians don’t have the benefit of a seat belt or the exterior of a car to protect them if they are involved in a collision.

While I know that emotions, memories, and so much more are contained within the brain, I dug a little deeper into the website for The Law Offices of Jeffrey R. Caffee to see what some of the other side effects are for brain damage-associated injuries. Sadly, brain damage can manifest itself in both physical and mental side effects or symptoms.

Physical effects include loss of appetite, blurred vision, and convulsions. For mental effects, depression, disorientation, and much more can be caused by trauma to the brain. This is so sad. It seems like the quality of life for people who are involved in brain damage-causing situations is really impacted. Because the brain is so important, the effects of slight trauma are magnified.

I looked into ways that I could protect myself from brain damage and they mostly include common sense safety tips like always riding a bike with a helmet, staying away or limiting exposure to contact-heavy sports such as football, and driving safely — for you and the others on the road!

It seems obvious, but please stay safe! No appointment or obligation is worth potentially injuring you or someone else’s brain and forcing side effects as severe as I outlined. Much thanks to The Law Offices of Jeffrey R. Caffee for their excellent research into this tragic but interesting topic.

Gender Discrimination Is Still Very Real

We probably see it every day, we just don’t know we’re seeing it. Women, even in 2018, are held at a disadvantage in their job, in almost any job, regardless of the industry or their experience.

We often miss this because there are always exceptions. It isn’t hard to think of one or two successful women in most industries, but the numbers across the board show that this doesn’t hold up the closer we look at how the average woman in the average job does.

In fact, women are still making less than men in the same position, with the same qualifications and the same amount of experience. That’s true to the tune of 79 cents on every dollar a man makes. In other words, if two otherwise identical people had the exact same job with the exact same resume, one would make 20 percent less simply because of their gender.

It’s easy to feel outrage at this, but it’s harder to know exactly what to do about it. It’s worth noting that there has been progress in this area, but it clearly hasn’t been enough. We can encourage everyone from an early age to treat men and women the same in professional as well as private situations. We can pass laws that require businesses to pay men and women the same. And still, we end up with the same issue that we have today. 79 cents to every dollar.

Imagine the disadvantage that puts a woman at in life. It’s harder to move up and establish financial stability. It’s harder to purchase that first house and to get on the property ladder. It’s far harder to raise kids.

All of that, and it doesn’t even consider other serious issues in gender discrimination. Women are also less likely to get promotions. They’re less likely to have their ideas heard, acknowledged, used, and rewarded. It’s a race that is supposed to be fair, but half of the participants have to hop towards the finish line on one leg while the others run unencumbered.

Again, though, what can we do?

One major thing we can do is to encourage more women to come forward and pursue gender discrimination lawsuits. According to The Melton Law Firm, a woman can pursue a gender discrimination lawsuit based on evidence that gender played a part in the company’s practices for hiring, firing, and promoting employees. They can also file a claim with evidence that raises were given out with a bias towards gender or when suspensions and performance reviews were negatively influenced by gender.

That’s just the beginning though, The Melton Law Firm also points to other serious gender discrimination issues, such as:

  • Sexual harassment
  • Hostile work environment
  • Overtime

Essentially, if gender is playing any part in your workplace, it is against the law. That’s the case in far too many workplaces, yet women often feel pressured not to pursue a claim. If we could change that, we might see more positive change and a further reduction of that pay gap.

Big wedding update

Big news, everybody. Wedding plans are coming along just about perfectly. I don’t know what every goes on about with the stress of wedding planning. Sarah and I have been at it for a couple of weeks, and we’re absolutely loving it. It’s amazing how we can be so in tune with each other on everything. Just about every decision we’re in sync about without saying a word, and the places we disagree, we find a compromise just about immediately.

I’ve already written before about the color choices (we’re going with this beautiful sunny yellow and a sky blue, which I think are going to just be wonderful in the Chicago summer. We’ve got place settings and all those things. Now, we’re starting to get to the big things.

I’m glad we worked through those small issues first so we would have our minds in the right place to make the big choices. So, all that preamble aside, the first big choice is: we’re getting a yacht.

No, we’re not getting a yacht like buying a yacht. Who thought we had that kind of cash? But we’re doing the wedding on a yacht. Isn’t that fun? We’re renting the yacht for the day and sailing around the lake. It’s going to be perfect.

You all know that Sarah and I are very driven in our careers. We want to be the sort of people who don’t have to rent a yacht. We want to be the sort who already have one at the dock, ready to go.

We’re not there yet. We’ve still got to pay our dues, and we’re okay with that. We’re okay with the long hours and pushing each other. But is there a better way of stating who we are and where we want to go than by getting married and sealing our love forever on a yacht in our favorite place in the world, on Lake Michigan?

For those of you who forgot, Sarah and I actually met at the Indiana Dunes at a party, so in a way, the lake is what brought us together in the first place.

I’m just so excited about this decision, guys, you have no idea. The cost is astronomical, but it’s definitely worth it, and Dad and (so to be) Mom-in-Law are stepping up big on this because they know how important it is for us.

So, everyone coming to the wedding next year, bring your swimming gear along and your best yacht outfits. It’s going to be quite a party.

Next post: updates on where we are with the musical ideas. What do you all think? DJ or live band? And what kind of music do you all want to get down to after the ceremony’s done? Remember, we’ll be cruising across the lake all night!

Puerto Rico Bonds

Records from the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) show that since 2014, it has received an influx of arbitration case filings relating to Puerto Rico bonds from claimants, almost all of whom reside in Puerto Rico. As of January 31, 2017, nearly 1900 cases involving Puerto Rican bonds have been filed; of these, more than 1100 cases are pending and over 30 have been decided by award.

Many individuals who invested on bonds issued by the Puerto Rican government are now suffering losses due to the financial dilemma that this government has sunk into in recent years. Though investors benefited from the handsome returns or high yields these bonds offered during a period of historically low interest rates, these same investors are now feeling the bite of losses in their portfolios.

During the past several years, the Puerto Rican government has struggled with compounding debts and economic decline, which have caused the value of Puerto Rico’s municipal tax-free bonds falling considerably. It was in September 2013 when Puerto Rico bond values began to decline sharply that investors who held these bonds also began to suffer massive losses.

Investors seeking remedy for their losses in Puerto Rico bonds are advised to file their disputes in Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, Inc. (FINRA) arbitration. This is the case, especially with those who have invested in a closed-end fund that held Puerto Rican debt or a high-risk/high-yield Puerto Rican bond without understanding the risks associated with the investment, if they hope to recover their losses.

Investors in the United States and Puerto Rico are filing FINRA arbitration claims against their brokerage firms which advised them to make investments in Puerto Rico bonds or bond funds. Many of these investors were not adequately warned about the high risk nature of the bonds, thus, suffering serious losses as a result. Investors may have a claim against the brokerage firm based on misrepresentation, unsuitability, breach of fiduciary duty and state and federal securities laws.

A broker must have reasonable grounds for each recommendation made to investors considering such factors as the customer’s other securities holdings, financial situation, and risk tolerance. In addition, before a financial advisor recommends a security to his customers, the financial advisor must conduct due diligence, investigating the facts surrounding the security, to confirm that it is suitable for the customer. The suitability of an investment for a particular individual is at the center of the investment process and one of the key duties owed by a broker to the customer. Thus, a firm may be held liable for its broker’s failure to recommend suitable investments to its customers.


Fatal Road Behaviors: Speeding

Some of the worst fatal road behaviors include drunk driving, speeding, tailgating, and weaving. But it can be argued that speeding is the most dangerous of all. This is because speeding involves certain factors and risks that cannot be found on other reckless road behaviors.

What is Speeding?

When you hear the word speeding, the first thing that comes to your mind is driving at an excessive speed. This is true, but this definition is quite limited. Speeding is not just about driving too fast, as it is also about driving too fast considering the road and its conditions.
For example, a vehicle traveling at freeway speeds on a school zone or wet road can be considered speeding, but if that vehicle is on a freeway, it can be argued that it is not speeding.

Why is it Dangerous?

Those who are speeding are more likely to get involved in an accident. But the financial costs don’t stop at hospital bills and vehicle repair bills. According to the website of this Providence car accident lawyer, those who have been injured in car accidents may take legal action against the responsible party. In other words, if your speeding behavior causes an accident and has involved an innocent motorist, you may be legally required to give compensation for the damages.
But how can an accident occur if you speed? Below are the following factors that may cause an accident:

  • Poor tire traction – The tires of a speeding vehicle may have less traction on the road. For example, a vehicle going too fast may overturn or rollover during a turn. This is because the tires may not stay on the ground due to excessive momentum.
  • Poor vehicle control – Drivers who speed have limited control of their vehicles. Even a slight turning maneuver and slight movement in the tire’s angles may cause an accident, not to mention that fast objects are inherently harder to control because of limited reaction time.
  • Poor visuals – Speeding drivers also have less time to see road stimulus, such as road signs, traffic lights, and even other vehicles, because the excessive speed may make them pass through them too swiftly.

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